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Coniston Hall on the Lake

July 11, 2017

From Coniston village take the short walk to the lake front. From here head south along the shores to Coniston Hall on the lake. The views are lovely over the lake and it is a straightforward walk that anyone can achieve.

The Walk

This walk has some memories for me as it was the first one that my eldest daughter walked. We were staying in a small cottage in Coniston (a favourite village of mine). I repeated the walk recently and found it entertaining and interesting. Sadly I made the mistake of heading for the commercialised water front first before locating the Cumbria Way sign and heading south. The path passes near the Coniston marina (home to seemingly 100s of sailing boats) before leading straight in to the grounds of Coniston Hall.

Coniston Hall is a strange looking building, spooky to some, out of character to others. In particular some odd looking chimneys being a little unseemly. However the famous writer John Rushkin loved it. When he was living at Brantwood House on the far shore of Coniston he used to enjoy the unique lines of Coniston Hall. He felt the hall blending well with the wild scenery and adding a touch of romance to the area. Now the hall is the centre for a variety of tourism enterprises. The booking office for the marina, a large but fairly unobtrusive camp site, a tea shop and a working/viewable farm. I enjoyed having a bit of an explore in the woods of Park Coppice. It is just a shame that some of the best waterside land is not accessible to the public, particularly that at Land’s Point.


Excellent for wheelchair or pushchair users or even those with bikes as it makes use of the Cumbria Way bridleway.

Navigation Tips at Coniston Hall

The Cumbria Way is the only footpath that can be used to get to and from Coniston Hall. The walk is enhanced by continuing in to the woods and doing a circle via the campsite.

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  • Judy Dyer says:

    Your website is lovely. My husband and I will have 5 nights in the lake district and we are very fit people. We will be travelling with a couple who cannot take long or difficult walks. The Coniston Hall on the lake walk sounds as if it may be suitable. I imagine our friends could take the first part of the walk and find a nice spot near the water to sit and wait for us to finish the walk.

    Can you recommend any good accommodation in the area? It is many years since we visited.
    Thank you.
    Judy Dyer

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