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The Fryup Dales

November 5, 2018

The Fryup Dales lie in the heart of the North York Moors. This is farming communities overlapped by some low grassy, bracken strewn ridges offering pleasant and interesting walking. Danby is a lovely village.

The Walk

I was not disappointed when I returned a few years late on a warm summer’s afternoon. ‘The Heads’ is the high ridge separating Great Fryup from Little Fryup and a convenient bridleway skirts the tops; ideal for offering a proper all round perspective of both valleys/dales. Similarly the return over Danby Rigg with its standing stones and excellent views is an excellent way to finish the walk.

Duck Bridge is a beautiful packhorse bridge on the road to Great Fryup which was named after George Duck of Danby who rebuilt the original medieval bridge. At this point in the walk it is also worth climbing the few hundred metres to the remains of Danby Castle where Catherine Parr, Henry V111s final wife was brought up.


Try and walk the high ground here rather than stick to the lower roads which, aside from endless tarmac walking, does not offer the true characteristic of these dales.

Navigation Tips in the Fryup dales

Even though some of the paths on the ridges are intermittent it is comforting to know sticking exactly to the path does not matter. This is access land whereas the paths lower down are not and you have to stick to paths or roads.

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