Where is this walk?

Beacon Hill near Danby

October 8, 2019

Beacon Hill near Danby is an excellent vantage point for the northern moors and over to the sea. Coupled with an exploration of Danby and a stroll along the River Esk it is a pleasant few hours.

The Walk

Although I am not altogether convinced by the gas fired tall beacon now adorning Beacon Hill near Danby there are with out doubt splendid views from this area of particular historical significance. The area is littered with old stones (burial, boundary – who knows?). In addition it is one of the countrywide sites of ‘Beacon Lighting’ at times of national significance. Over the years this has included the invasion of the Spanish Armada and the recent Royal Anniversary.

It is a shame that many people simply drive up to the Beacon because walking in the area is a real pleasure. Even the roads are quiet. Passing through the village of Houlsyke made me envious of those who live there. It is not only the attractive buildings but the splendid views up the two Fryup Dales to the south. However I would advise the one mile round detour to the remains of Danby Castle is hardly worth the effort. Castle it is not!


I would imagine this is a wonderful walk in a late summer’s evening or even early winter morning with the light low and the sea shimmering in the not too far distance.

Navigation Tips at Beacon Hill near Danby

Beacon Hill is an excellent place to spread your map out and look at what is around. Make sure you orientate your map correctly, if necessary use your compass to do this.

Simply point the background red arrow on the compass up your map. Then hold the compass and map together and spin them so the magnetic red arrow sits on top of the background red arrow. The map is then orientated to the land around and the world will become clear!

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