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Cold Pike from Wrynose

May 27, 2018

Cold Pike from Wrynose is a pleasant, short walk up a rocky little mountain overlooking Langdale. The return via the picturesque Red Tarn adds a lot to the walk.

The Walk

2260′. Climbing Cold Pike from Wrynose Pass may feel a bit like cheating. It is little more than a thousand foot from the pass. However it is an excellent way of visiting a high and interesting Lakeland fell with a minimum of effort. For a child that struggles with both fitness or boredom on a normal climb or an older couple who’s knees may be shot this is an excellent way of experiencing a craggy peak with relative ease. The location, in the central belt of Lakeland mountains that lie above Langdale, is a bonus.

The views from the summit offer a supreme panorama with Crinkle Crags and Pike O’Blisco showing to best effect. Add in Red Tarn, which nestles between Cold Pike and Pike O ‘Blisco and some pleasant scrambling opportunities. It all adds up to much more than it appears from the map. For information Wrynose refers to ‘a stallion’ which would be needed to drag any object up its steep sides.


The perspective of the entire Duddon Valley all the way to the sea is superbly laid out from the summit of Cold Pike.

Navigation Tips on Cold Pike

From the summit of Cold Pike scramble down the rocky northern slopes to a major path heading from Crinkle Crags. It is trackless but fun. It is possible to pick your way on steep grassy slopes avoiding the rock if you so wish.

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  • Roger Taylor says:

    This is a lovely walk from Wrynose but for only a little extra effort you could do Pike o’ blisco and the odd Crinkle and feel like an adveturer. A nice day helps of course.

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