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Dow Crag via Seathwaite Tarn

September 4, 2019

Starting from the Duddon Valley the walk heads towards the Coniston Fells via Seathwaite Tarn. From here climb the steep slopes to Dow Crag and enjoy the wonderful views.

The Walk

This is one of my favourite walks in England. Dow Crag is an exciting fell with a long and unusual ridge, perched to the south over the little gem that is Blind Tarn and initially over steep cliffs (popular climbing terrain). The views across to the main Coniston ridge and further afield to the high mountains of the Scafell range are splendid from here. Further on when the path drops down to Seathwaite Tarn the views to the Duddon Valley and the Irish Sea open up. The Duddon Valley is rarely visited, a gem that epitomises the best of the Lakes and I would urge all to go; maybe there is a lack of accommodation but this is a walkers valley and does host a large campsite near Seathwaite village.

A few years back I tramped the Coniston Hills in a 3 day expedition. I was desperately trying to convince the Mountain Leader assessment team I knew what I was doing. We camped at the outlet of Seathwaite Tarn that day but more recently I returned to re-discover my assessed legs and the rock face we had used for practice. The Duddon Valley really is not that far away with any trip over Rhinos pass  ensuring a wonderful day’s walking.


Keep as near the edge of Dow Crag as possible, the twin tarns of Blind and Goats offer spectacular viewing.

Dow Crag via Seathwaite Tarn is one of my favourite 25 walks in the Lake District.

Navigation Tips on Dow Crag

Take the road up to the tarn, ignore the distractions of nearby footpaths. Flat land at the head of a reservoir is almost always wet and Seathwaite Tarn is no exception. Avoid the path and head more uphill before crossing to the steep climb to the col under Dow Crag.

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