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Fells over the Duddon Valley

February 10, 2019

The Fells over the Duddon Valley are a series of rocky knolls and hidden tarns situated between the Duddon River itself and the A593 near Broughton Mills. It is quiet and appealing, I love it.

The Walk

An exquisite six square miles of hidden tarns and volcanic fells, with great views of the higher Lakeland peaks, make the Dunnerdale Fells one of the hidden gems of the Lake District. Set between the tiny hamlets of Broughton Mills and Ulpha the area is only visited by those who are in the know. On my last visit I met one solitary walker, a young couple who were sitting in splendid isolation under a rocky outcrop, and some sheep.

It is an area to escape and explore. Maybe this is why Wainwright, despite expressing the view that the Duddon Valley was his favourite Lakeland valley, wrote very little about the spectacular summit of Stickle Pike and area nearby. He wanted to keep the area a secret. A alternative view is that it is not easy to get to. Wainwright after all operated mainly on public transport.

This is an area with no defined route. There are a myriad of sheep tracks, paths on the ground but a lack of official rights of way. I have market a route on the sketch map that I think brings out the best of the area. However exploring all the hidden nooks and crannies is part of the fun. Do however include the summit of Stickle Tarn and Stickle Tarn at its foot in any walk.


I prefer starting the walk at Ulpha in the Duddon Valley rather than Broughton Mills. Mainly because I so enjoy the Duddon Valley ad visit it less than I would like.

This is one of my favourite 25 walks in the Lake District

Navigation Tips

The Fells over the Duddon Valley are regularly used for National Park volunteer training. It is perfect. The paths are intermittent, the ground rough and compass work has to be spot on.

  • paige says:

    Hi! I am not sure if you still monitor this page but I am looking to do your walk tomorrow and just wanted to ask if there are any stiles to cross that would be an obstruction to dogs? I have 2 large retrievers who cannot get over any stiles, if by any chance you see this please let me know 🙂 thank you

    • Jonathan says:

      Good luck tomorrow, an excellent walk with few people on it. There may be a stile lower down but I don’t think so. Certainly away from the road it is open fellside and I do bnot remember any.

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