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Pocklington & the Wolds Way

June 3, 2017

Part of the Wolds Way passes through Pocklington and Millington. The route along the chalk escarpment offers some impressive views across the Yorkshire Wolds.

The Walk

Pocklington is 12 miles east of York and the gateway to some lovely wolds walking. It is the largest town in the area with a history that is thought to go back more than 1,000 years. To the north and west are the typical Yorkshire Wold scene of deep dry valleys and broad grassy ridges. The valleys have formed as a result of rivers eroding the frozen land following the last ice age 15,000 years ago. The streams created the deep V shaped valleys. However because the valleys lie on a porous (lets water through) bedrock they are dry. The water simply sinks away.

The result of the geology is a walk that is “Full of interest”. The Pocklington and Wolds Way walk meanders through this landscape for seven and a half mile walk between the idyllic village of Millington and the larger town of Pocklington. The chalky escarpment of the Wolds Way is joined by the Minster Way and Chalkland Way for over three miles. The chalk bedrock creates the white crumbly rock on the side of the valleys with the attractive views particularly impressive to the west, across the Vale of York. Pocklington Beck is a mere distraction on the return. However I certainly recommend a detour through the impressive grounds of Kilnwick Percy (now a Buddhist retreat) and to spend time exploring both the pub and Walkers tea room in Millington.


Beautiful views from the aptly named Rambler’s cafe; nice easy day, nothing better.

Navigation Tips near Pocklington

One of the peculiarities of this walk is that the ‘access land‘ tends to be on the lower slopes of the valley. In comparison the higher slopes are inaccessible unless you are on a right of way. This goes against the norm in the countryside.

  • Bill Pocklington says:

    Lilly Padington
    Amphibious tad waller.
    Wold sing Matilda

    Singing up in front,
    may be an a-choired skill set.
    Bullfrogs catching flies.

  • Tom says:

    Cracking walk! Takes in some great countryside and beautiful views. Highly recommend! Would also suggest stopping off for a peak inside the Buddhist centre at Kilnwick Percy, something a bit different and unexpected. Is my first of your walks, will be sure to try some more out soon. Many thanks!

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