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Ruined castles near Dunsop Bridge walk

June 5, 2017

This Dunsop Bridge walk starts with a nice riverside stroll up Langden Brook. However on turning south the moors close in and the going becomes much rougher.

The Walk

Maybe the title of this walk is misleading. To say the ‘castles’ are ruined is possibly generous, I struggled to find anything that might be Holdren Castle and Langden Castle is more like a shed than any castle I have seen. Nevertheless this is a fine circuit in remote scenery. Walking along Langden Brook I was pleased to see a heron, a sandpiper and some oyster catchers. Further up on the moors it was the sky larks which took my ear. The landscape reminded me somewhat of walking in central Scotland.

There are good ‘stalkers’ tracks and rough roads built in to the rolling countryside. However the high moors are the domain really of grouse, pheasants and those who have a desire to shoot them. Having said that I found the moors enjoyable. In fact I was tempted to explore further until a fine landrovers track tempted me back on to the lower ground. It still ended up being one of my favourite walks in the Forest of Bowland.


This Dunsop Bridge walk can be combined with the walk to the west of the main road (Trough of Bowland). This offers a long but truly excellent day out. Those who achieve the combined walk will certainly appreciate the pleasures of walking in the Forest of Bowland.

Navigation Tips on the Dunsop Bridge walk

I found on this walk, which is difficult to navigate, two truths. The first is that shooting grouse butts are an excellent navigational feature and the second is that if something is named castle on the map do not expect ramparts and impressive stone walls. Certainly on moors look for the grouse butts, they are always in a straight line.

  • Richard says:

    The actual route seems to be missing on this page.
    I general I love your website and have done many of the walks.

  • Mark Thomson says:

    Quiet walk without seeing another soul, beautiful route albeit a little soggy in places. Some lucky person will also find a compass if they go off the beaten track where I did

  • Janet Thatcher says:

    did this walk today and it was fabulous. We started at 9am and met no one all the way round. views are lovely. Car park was busy with families picnicking by the river when we got back to our car. got back home in time to watch Andy Murray win Wimbledon. A very satisfying day.

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