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Swale to Easby Abbey

February 28, 2018

This is a short walk along the River Swale to Easby Abbey. It is a very pleasant stroll with good views of the abbey and its neighbouring village. The town of Richmond with its castle are also worth exploring.

The Walk

The ruins of Easby Abbey make a lovely afternoon stroll from Richmond following both banks of the River Swale. The abbey is apparently Premonstratensian (I think that is spelt correctly!) which is derived from a French Catholic order of the 12th century but it was good old English soldiers who largely destroyed it during their stay on route to the Battle of Neville’s Cross in 1346. Unlike other abbeys it was left to fall in to disrepair and now has little to remind of the once impressive working abbey it once was.

However I coupled the walk along the River Swale to Easby Abbey ruins with a visit to the still very impressive Richmond Castle which is one of the best examples of a Norman fort in England today. The stretch of river bank linking the two offers a very easy stroll with the powerful River Swale a deep brown colour, derived from the peat and moors further up the dale. The power of the river was such that strenuous efforts had to be made to ensure Easby Abbey did not drop in to the river a few years ago – have a look at how it has cut in to the bank near the abbey ruins!


Wander up from the abbey and take a look at the little group of buildings at Easby itself.

Navigation Tips at Easby Abbey

You can pick the path up to Easby Abbey a few metres to the east of the main road bridge leading south from Richmond. Follow the sharp right hand bend of the river. Soon there is a choice of paths, I like the one sticking closer to the river.

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