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Gargrave and Skipton walk

May 15, 2018

Many stay in the market town of Skipton and take a walk along the canal between Gargrave and Skipton. However return via the forestry track along the flanks of Flasby Fell and enjoy the views.

The Walk

The walk has two distinct phases. The excellent section of canal side walking along a section of the Leeds Liverpool canal is followed by the return along the flanks of Sharp Haw . This section is vastly improved with the new trees now taking effect. Previous visits felt like I was passing through a bomb site. The views across the Leeds Liverpool canal and the River Aire towards Pendle Hill are still available but now pleasantly framed by the trees.

The tow path along between Gargrave and Skipton is very pleasant and fortunately not too long. I must admit canal side walking often leaves me a little cold, it is all a little samey for me and lacks interest. However the highlight of the walk in my opinion is to explore the little villages of Stirton and Flasby before arriving at the canal. Both are in excellent shape and surprisingly unspoilt considering they lie within touching distance of the A65. Fred Trueman lived in Flasby for many years. As there is only a registered population of 80 then that says a lot about its personality.


I have always been very impressed with the rhododendrons of the area near Flasby Hall. June is usually the best time to see them.

Navigation Tips on the Gargrave and Skipton walk

Walking along forestry tracks is often difficult. They are tempting to follow (like sheep tracks) but are not always following the correct route. However in this case do! Ignore the footpath which winds its way along the slopes of Sharp Haw and stick to the forestry road.

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