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Grass Woods near Grassington

July 22, 2019

Grass Woods near Grassington is a lovely and popular area f woodland. Set aside the River Wharfe it makes for a straightforward walk amidst beautiful scenery.

The Walk

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has done an excellent job protecting and upgrading the Grass Woods near Grassington. The largest Ash woodland in the Dales is a truly magical place, ideal for an afternoon stroll along one of the many footpaths which weave through the hillside. Geologically it is set upon a series of limestone terraces and is a place of some historical significance. Fort Gregory is the site of an ancient Brigantean (Brits at the time of the Romans) settlement but to be honest I tripped over it and still did not notice it was there. The star of the show is the wonderful flowers which decorate the floor of the woods; yellow pimpernel, bluebells and lily of the valley are just 3 in an area which is a botanist’s delight.

Time of the year is important here; I was probably a little late on my last visit, May and June being the best time to visit. Deer roam the woods and there is a significant variety of bird life to be seen for those in the know; woodpeckers, treecreepers and woodcocks are all popular residents. There is a real silence in these woods, different to that in a manufactured coniferous forest, which is pleasant and almost timeless. The wooded area is really not that big so I would suggest just picking your own route and spending as much time in the woods as you want.


Start off by heading for the woods but return via the banks of the River Wharfe. It is an attractive section of the river and should not be missed.

Navigation Tips at Grass Woods

In the woods there are a number of tracks and no restrictions on which one to take. It is worth spending some time walking up and down a couple of paths. It is not a big area. Eventually you you find your way, over the lane to path on the banks of the Wharfe.

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