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Head of Haweswater

October 20, 2020

The Head of Haweswater walk circles the valley head,starting with a rocky climb past the idyllic Small Water. The return heads south east over the lesser visited peaks of Harter Fell, Branstree and Selside Pike.

The Walk

Haweswater is a good base for a climb of the eastern fells. They tend to be shorter than than an approach from Ullswater. However the Head of Haweswater walk does not venture on to the main High Street ridge but explores the lesser known fells to the south and east. From Nan Bield pass the route does join the Kentmere Round for the brief but steep climb of Harter Fell.

However it is the two summits of Branstree and Selside Pike which make the walk memorable. The rough paths suddenly become grassy pathways, rocky summits become smooth rounded summits. It is a great contrast, there is even a small tarn past Branstree you can compare (badly in this case) with the delectable Small Water. The views though are consistently excellent throughout.


The views north towards High Street and beyond are exceptional. It is worth stopping on the steep slopes for your picnic.

Navigation Tips on the Head of Haweswater

On the descent back to Haweswater from Selside Pike head just north of west to Hopgill Beck and the sheepfold just over the beck. A steep but faint path descends from here.

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  • Kathleen Curtiss says:

    Mardale/Haweswater was my introduction to the Lakes, and it’s still my favourite. I visit twice a year and stay in my microcamper walking various routes. August 2019 was my last visit, when I walked The Old Corpse Road. I had plans to do Branstree and Selside this year…also Riggindale Ridge ( done that 5 years ago), but this time I was going to turn east and descend from Kidsty Pike…all not to be unfortunately. I also had plans to explore Swindale…looks as though I’ll be busy next year !

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