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Ingleton waterfalls walk

May 25, 2019

A series of waterfalls drop off the slopes of Whernside. The Ingleton waterfalls walk follows one river up stream and a second down stream. As a result the spectacular drops and pools create some lovely falls.

The Walk

The Ingleton waterfalls walk is probably one of the three ‘must see’ walks in the Yorkshire Dales (along with Malham Cove and Aysgarth Falls). However its popularity today is nothing like it was when the walk opened in 1885 when 3,500 people were recorded on a single day! Personally I avoid this walk as you have to pay to walk alongside the falls (in my opinion all walks should be free). Having said that others may want to enjoy the undoubtedly lovely scenery.

I took the family on a hot summer Sunday. We competed the walk in three and a half hours but with many stops for paddling and refreshments. Only in the last half hour, as Ingleton is approached, does the walk get dull. Prior to that the fantastic series of waterfalls in each valley are decorated by a fine array of deciduous woodland with hazel, oak, birch and ash all prominent.

Probably the best waterfalls are in the higher area of the Doe Valley. Up the Triss, down the Doe is the generally accepted route. Here we stood and watched a set of young lads flinging themselves off the rock faces twenty five feet high. However the real joy is the endless selection of quiet coves and rocky beaches where you can stop and paddle, swim or just sit and picnic. The only drawback is having to pay a hefty ‘car parking‘ fee courtesy of the Ingleton Scenery Company (2021). For me this leaves a sour taste.


On a hot day take the trunks…..and your time!

Navigation Tips on the Ingleton Waterfalls walk

The walk is very well sign posted. This is the only advantage of an ‘official, pay walk’.

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  • Peter Deione says:

    I walked this route before charges were introduced many years ago. It was quite unspoiled and I had a wonderful experience. I was accompanied by my youngest child – she being on the cusp of adulthood. We cycled through the Dales on our tandem, ending up in York. Wonderful memories even if slightly bittersweet.

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