Where is this walk?

Woodland Fell and Beacon Tarn

March 16, 2019

Lying south of the Coniston fells, Woodland Fell and Beacon Tarn is a beautiful area of landscape of bracken, heather and small rocky outcrops. It is a rarely visited beauty spot.

The Walk

Nestling within the low lying fells is the delectable Beacon Tarn, a personal favourite. Tranquil waters and views across the southern fells offer the perfect backdrop for those with a photographic bent or an ornithologists eye. Similar to the Dunnerdale Fells, over in the next valley, Woodland Fell is a place to linger and explore.

I was inexorably drawn to the highest point at Blawith Knott which, coupled with Beacon tarn, makes an obvious focus for the walk. However the paths themselves do not necessarily help plan a walk. Most are made by sheep and lead nowhere useful. I would urge any visitor to choose your own sheep track and accept that it may just disappear into the bracken. Woodland Fell and Beacon Tarn typifies what is so good about the area. Looking for the best walk leads you in to such places, areas you would not normally visit.


Take your time. The paths are not obvious so wander off and discover your own favourite place.

Woodland Fell and Beacon Tarn are one of my favourite 25 walks in the Lake District.

Navigation Tips on Woodland Hill and Beacon Tarn

This is an area perfect for those wanting to practice their navigation skills. The Cumbria Way is an obvious path. However no other paths help. It is all compass work, a feel for the land, slopes and man made walls.

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