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Nicky Nook

January 3, 2019

Nicky Nook is an easy hill to climb near Lancaster on the fringes of the Pennine moors. However its reduced height is more than made up for by the excellent views and interesting walking.

The Walk

Less than an hour from my home on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border is the lovely little hill of Nicky Nook (215ms). Although I have done quite a bit of walking in the Forest of Bowland I had never climbed or even come across Nicky Nook! With a name like that it was not going to remain virgin territory for long. It is now one of my favourite places to introduce visitors to ‘the north’, however family first.

I found the biggest challenge of the day locating Scorton from the M6 (head for the A6 is the clue). From Scorton we joined a line of winter trekkers heading up the hill, initially on a lane and then through a stile on to the open hillside. The views are fantastic and the walking straightforward with the trig point soon arrived at. After the girls (easily) and myself and Helen (with more difficulty) climbed atop the trig and posed for photos we headed east and south in to the woods of Grizedale. This made for a pleasant circuit although most appear to return via the same route. they climbed. All in all a very pleasant short walk.


Nicky Nook reminds me a little of a miniature Dufton Pike, an attractive, small fell standing isolated by a backdrop of bleak moorland, in this case the Forest of Bowland.

Navigation Tips on Nicky Nook

On passing through the gate at 515488 the path splits. The left hand path skirts the summit, the right hand one leads to it. Nicky Nook is on access land though so it is easy to swap between the two.

  • Shane Smalle says:

    Start from Garstang to make the walk a little longer (10 miles) Loads of things to see on the way. Several ways up and down Nicky Nook. Very relaxing walk.

  • Linda Freedman says:

    This little hill is smashing going up from the road but watch out for a steeper decent with deep steps and some loose stones as you drop into the valley. Nothing experienced fell walkers are not used to but lots of families do this walk, often in trainers. I tend to do the valley first then climb the fell, I prefer a steep climb to a steep descent.

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