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Stonegrave and the Rye

May 16, 2019

Te walk Stonegrave and the Rye includes two picturesque village, a pleasant riverside section and a short climb to Caulkley’s Bank with some lovely views across the Hambleton Hills.

The Walk

There is so much to this walk it is actually difficult to do it justice in a short description. At no stage did I feel that the walk was becoming dull. There was always something of interest around the corner.

The views from the wonderful ‘green road’ on Caulkleys Bank are excellent, particularly over Helmsley and onwards over the North York Moors; as is the riverside walking on either side of Nunnington. However it is the section round Stonegrave and its church which impressed me most, the path dropping steeply down the bank and emerging on top of this pretty village. Take time to explore it.

Nunnington Hall is also immaculately presented as you may expect from a building owned by the National Trust, it has an enviable situation and has some wonderful period rooms if you take the tour,


Do not cut any corners on the walk and spend some time dawdling along Caukleys Bank and through the villages.

Navigation Tips at Nunnington

In West Ness follow the road all the way to the river but do not cross it. The path follows closely the River Rye, keeping to its banks.

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  • John Le Roi says:

    A pleasant, undemanding walk on a fair Spring day. We measured our walk as 8 miles.

    Suggestions : The start is more than 50 m. up the road from the bridge, and can be found on the left immediately behind the “Welcome to the Howardian Hills ” notice.

    We made an error, continuing on the broad track and ending at Highfield House ; we should have veered slightly left at the end of Caulkleys Lane where we would have noticed the FP indication for the correct route along Caulkleys Bank.

    Otherwise the walk was as delightful as advertised.

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