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Mickleden to Pike O’Stickle

February 2, 2018

From Langdale head up the Mickleden valley to Pike O’Stickle. The climb is quite straightforward to the foot of the pike which does involve a rocky scramble to the summit perched dramatically over the valley.

The Walk

Many thousands of walkers trail up the steep eroded path to Stickle Tarn and complete a circuitĀ of Pavey Ark and Harrison Stickle before heading back down the steep eroded path. As worthy a walk as this is much of the appeal of the Langdale Pikes is missed. I prefer a leisurely ascent up Mickleden and approach Pike O’ Stickle from the more remote moors to the west.

The paths are so much more pleasant, the scenery ever changing with the full perspective of the Langdale Valley witnessed and enjoyed. The dramatic rock scenery is viewed rather than risked. The descent between the underrated Loft Crag and Harrison Stickle offering some dramatic views. These include an unexpected view into the proper Dungeon Ghyll (valley not pub).

My most recent completion of Mickleden to Pike O’Stickle walk was in the snow which adds drama and excitement to the route.


There are two possible extensions to the basic circuit. My favourite is to add Rossett Pike although the climb up Rossett Gill is tortuous. Alternatively a full circuit of the Langdales can be made by continuing over Pavey Ark with an easy descent to the east.

Navigation Tips on Pike O’Stickle

On a map when contours lines merge it means the land is too steep to move up or down. This happens if you ever decided to descend direct from Pike O’Stickle to the valley floor. Don’t! If there is a gap you can see between contours, even if it is small it should be safe to climb, less easy but possible to descend.

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  • mountain mike says:

    Hi everyone todays target is Pike O Stickle in the Langdale Pikes,weather is ok a promise of no rain,its very wet under foot apparently there have been floods locally.Im on my own today as Gav and others cannot make it,I leave the car in the National Trust Car Park and head up towards the path that leads past Dungeon Gyhll and head for the base of Harrison Stickle,as usual I find myself a little scramble just before I make the base of Harrison Stickle(I always go off pist),from here I can just see The Stickle and I head off to see what its all about.I reach the back of Pike O Stickle and I can see the scramble to the top,it looks safe enough and although the ground is still damp,I make good progress with reasonable hand holds to get to the top.After a break a few photographs I’m climbing down,a bit of concentration is required on this after a few quiet moments I’m down.A chat with a walker who passes me by and I’m off back to New Dungeon Ghyll Car Park,this path is in bad condition and care must be taken,its steep and very wet better for coming up,I pass a good few people on there way to Harrison Stickle and even a couple who asked where was Harrison Stickle…its a worry lol,after a nice slip down the track to wake me up I’m back at the car it took me one and three quarter hours to get to the top and an hour and fifteen minutes to come down a great climb and yes another Wainwright bagged for Mountain Mike see you all soon.

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