Navigation Skills Weekend

Spend two days learning and practicing the navigation skills that you will need to walk further, higher and in safety

  • Based in Settle in the Yorkshire Dales
  • Using and understanding maps, particularly features to navigate from
  • How to relocate when lost or unsure
  • Understanding compasses and when to use them
  • Planning and timing a walk in order to get the most of the day
  • Practical use of your skills to climb a mountain
  • Saturday night dinner in Settle

“It is great to be able to use the learned skills and actually achieve something. The weekend has given me confidence to take to the outdoors without the fear of getting lost. If I do get lost I will be able to find the route again” Debbie.

Choosing the right path

2022 Dates.

June 25/26th

September 17/18th

Price £145pp (deposit £60)

The Navigation Skills weekend includes

  • Team leader Jonathan, an experienced Mountain Guide
  • A second guide depending on the size of the group
  • Small Group (maximum 10 persons)
  • Indoor venue for Saturday morning tutorial
  • Maps/Compasses and navigation equipment supplied


  • Accommodation
  • Packed lunch for 2 days
  • Pub dinner on Saturday night


The weekend will be based in the attractive, small market town of Settle. The morning session with be held indoors as will the planning session at the end of Day 1.

There are a number of excellent accommodation options within Settle, contact me direct for my favourites We plan to all have Saturday night dinner together.

A Typical weekend

The photos below were from one of the 2020 weekends.


AM. The course will start at 9am for coffee and introductions. Inside for the first 2 hours the session will concentrate on understanding maps and using maps to get the most out of a day’s walking.

PM. Leave for a local walk practicing map skills and interpreting a map to land around. At some point we will introduce compass skills to the day, in particular for use if the weather turns bad.

EVE. On returning there will be a session on Planning a Walk using maps. The walk will be the climb of one of the local mountains the following day. It will include useful tips on the timing of walks.

Pub Dinner


Meet in the morning for a quick briefing on the day including weather forcasting and any kit requirements.

Then we will head out for the planned walk from the day before. This is expected to be a climb of one of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

We will return at roughly 4.30 to 5.

Find out more

Contact us on 07824 304060 or email

or return the on line form below.

  • john zimnoch says:

    Jonathan a super guy, patient is an understatement, for a slow learner like myself ( read thickie) its a big help
    recommend the one day course first and then follow up with the weekend trek

    now feel very comfortable and safe if I was left out on my own

    I am mostly fair weather walker and looking forward to another of Jonathans walks

    John Zimnoch

    75 years young ( walking stick not included)

  • Ray Avery says:

    An excellent weekend course led by Jonathan a warm and friendly person. His teaching is clear and comprehensive with great guidance on pacing and timing a walk, with tips on how to remember key points for map reading , compass bearings and overall navigation for an enjoyable and safe walk.

    The group was very welcoming and a pleasure to learn and walk with.

    My confidence to be able to plan a walk, have alternatives ready and to navigate well has increased considerably.

    Thank you Jonathan and fellow walkers for a really positive and enjoyable weekend.


  • I’ve had a fabulous weekend, learning something that was out of my comfort zone. I love walking but having got lost or made wrong turns a few times. I’ve lacked the confidence to plan my own routes and go walking far from a well trodden path.

    Learning how to use a compass is invaluable, especially when heading to the hills or if weather conditions change. I’ve got no excuse for getting lost now!

    I went on my own and felt very welcomed by the group.

    It goes without saying that walking around Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales was the perfect location!

    Can’t wait to plan my next adventures!

  • Mary Pringle says:

    We have just returned from the October 2020 Navigation Weekend which was both a good learning experience and a lot of fun. Jonathan is an experienced and amiable leader and we feel much more confident about planning our own more adventurous hikes. We had a small, friendly group and the location of Kilnsey was an excellent choice for the course.

  • Elizabeth says:

    What a fantastic weekend, Jonathan is a very good leader and guide, he is very experienced with this map and compass business and I thoroughly recommend him and the ‘learn a skill’ course. I’m an experienced navigator but I learnt many, many new things which was the objective, I now have lots of new techniques including navigation in bad weather and how to use the landscape to determine my positionIt was good to be out there and have lots of practice.
    I achieved all of this with a great group of people and enjoyed the down time in the pub. I’m looking forward to the next adventure and using Jonathan and in the future???

  • ann worth says:

    I am still buzzing from the great time I enjoyed on the Learn a Skill Weekend. I was very apprehensive travelling up on the Friday afternoon wondering what the accommodation, group and the Course would be like but my fears soon passed when I arrived at a very welcoming Moorcock Inn…excellent tasty food.. met the group, Jonathan and guides Andy and Debbie, who are all very approachable, and put me at ease as I learnt something new and put it into practise. Being on my own didn’t make any difference as I feared it might and i thoroughly enjoyed the time. I can now hit the hills with a compass and feel confident enough to go wherever I want to and stay safe. I look forward to doing more activities with Where2Walk.

  • Steve Richings says:

    Just completed the April course. First of all thank you for a fantastic weekend. Company, location, pace and depth of the course all spot on. We spent a couple of hours getting to grips with maps and compasses in the classroom. The rest of the weekend was spent on the hills applying the techniques.

    We are out every day, but need to vary our walks. This course has definitely given me the confidence to head further off the beaten track.

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