The 10 Best walks in the North York Moors (and Coast)

June 22, 2023

One of the main attractions of walking in the North York Moors is the variety of walks. Choose between the wild moors, peaceful countryside, ancient abbeys, forestry and riverside strolls. Add in the coast and the options are seemingly endless.

The main issue therefore is which walks to choose. Having walked the area over a number of years these are what I consider to be the 10 best walks in the North York Moors. Follow my footsteps on these walks and you will have a full understanding and appreciation of this undervalued walking area.

The count down to my favourite

10. A Captain’s Cook Adventure (6 1/2 miles)

Combine two of the iconic attractions in the North York Moors in one walk; the 50 foot monument dedicated to the great adventurer and Roseberry Topping, the mini Matterhorn.

Roseberry Topping

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9. Rievaulx Abbey (3 miles)

Rievaulx Abbey is tucked away ion the valley floor amidst woodland, a river and a simple village of its name. It really does feel you are part of history.

Rievaulx Abbey

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8. Staithes and Port Mulgrave (6 1/2 miles)

Simply my favourite stretch of coastal walking in the area. The lovely village of Staithes is a bonus.

Cliffs near Port Mulgrave

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7. Sutton Bank and Gormire Lake (6 miles)

The finest view in all England said James Herriot on his regular walks along the scarp of Sutton Bank. Extend the walk by a visit to Gormire Lake and the White Horse.

Gormire Lake

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6. Highest place on the Moors (7 1/2 miles)

The highest land of the North York Moors (around Round Hill) offers outstanding views in all directions and some enjoyable moorland walking.

Urra Moor

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5. Grosmont and Goathland (8 miles)

Rivers, moors and the sound of steam make for a walk of contrasts between the two delightful (but popular) villages of Grosmont and Goathland.

Centre of Goathland

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4. Steam Train from Pickering (7 miles)

Include a ride on the steam train from Pickering to Levisham before returning through some lovely, peaceful countryside.

Steam approaching Pickering

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3. Discovering the Fryup Dales (7 miles)

A real explorers walk. The intermittent paths across these two dales make for step back in time when farming ruled and walkers barely existed.

Head of the Fryup Dales

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2. From Runswick Bay to Whitby (8 1/2 miles)

A fascinating stretch of coastline from my favourite village, Runswick Bay to the popular fishing town of Whitby.

Runswick Bay

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1. Rosedale Explorer (9 miles)

Attractive countryside combine with interesting industrial remains in the best of the (surprisingly) deep valleys of the North York Moors.

Farming in Rosedale

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We have over 100 more walks in the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Coast on the website.

Enjoy your walking


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