Where is this walk?

Bentham Heritage Walk

October 23, 2017

High Bentham has some very good views over Ingleborough. The Bentham Heritage Walk starts by crossing the eastern fields and returns alongside the River Wenning.

The Walk

On arrival at Bentham I was struck by the sign that pointed me in the direction of the Bentham Heritage Walk. In fact there is a colour coded choice of three walks, all of differing length. I chose the middle one. To achieve this I headed off past the splendid church perched overlooking the town. Crossing the railway for the first time of many, the path leads through fields and farms towards Greystongill, joining the River Wenning for a few hundred yards. The main enjoyment on this first section are the views east towards Ingleborough.

The return from the bridge to High Bentham is much more enjoyable. In particular the section near Branstone Beck is good fun. The signage along the route is has some interesting facts. Here it explains a little bit about Bentham’s industrial past. In addition there is a piece on the woods and efforts to retain and improve them which are presently in progress. It is not a long walk but worth doing.


Do not rely on the signage to guide you round, there are many places where it is easy to make the wrong choice. Take a map with you and follow that.

If you are visiting Bentham for the first time you can combine the Heritage Walk with the Bentham Riverside Walk. This runs along the River Wenning to the west of High Bentham.

Navigation Tips on the Bentham Heritage Walk

Despite this being a Heritage Route and with a big sign at the start the initial route to the north is difficult to follow. The paths are not obvious. Take particular care near Ridding Lane Farm. However the return on the south side of the river is better.

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