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Heights of Kendal Fell

July 7, 2017

Kendal is on the fringes of the Lake District. However it is possible to walk over some rolling fells to the north west on a short walk. Kendal Fell includes some excellent views over the town and further afield.

The Walk

Staying in the market town of Kendal does not mean that all walks have to be done with the use of a car. A short stroll from the town centre brings you to the higher lands of Kendal Fell (I am not convinced that I ever located the summit however). It is a very pleasant walk over the fringes of the golf course and moorland overlooking Kettlewell Crag.

There is a myriad of paths to follow on what the locals know as the ‘Heights’. They all lead towards the ancient Serpentine Woods. The woods were originally planted in 1790. However they were converted to walking pathways in 1824 when a Summerhouse was built for guests to enjoy tea parties. How very Victorian! The woods have always been popular and offer a peaceful afternoon stroll for visitors and locals alike.

Back on the open fellside the views stretch for miles to the north. There are also well appointed benches looking up the valleys of Longsleddale and Kentmere. Enjoy the walking and envy the golfers who, as well as playing an excellent course, must have one of the best views in the land.


Nearby there is some excellent walks in the unfrequented lands around Underbarrow and Crossthwaite.

Navigation Tips on Kendal Fell

This is a local’s walk rather than one people travel to do. As a local take your map out with you and start looking at all the names, views an sites marked on the map.

Just make sure the map is orientated accurately.

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