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High Moors over Masham

March 15, 2018

The Moors over Masham offer an excellent walk on good tracks. The walk is quite long but the views are impressive and extensive, particularly over Nidderdale. The reservoirs also add to the day.

The Walk

I set off with Mist on an enjoyable walk on the moors over Masham. The walk starts at the twin reservoirs of Leighton and Roundhill before taking to the higher moors. Both reservoirs are well stocked with brown trout and well managed by Yorkshire Water. Once on the high plateau the walking is superb with excellent over the Vale of York but more particularly Upper Nidderdale. The dull weather soon gave way to early spring sunshine. The grouse were in full voice, the paths wide and good (grouse shooters land rover tracks) so the miles just drifted past. In fact the only distractions were a series of shooting lodges and old barns.

The classical U shaped valley of Upper Nidderdale gradually reveals itself in the brightening conditions. In particular Scar House Reservoir and Great Whernside were prominent. Look for the shooting hut on the rim of Upper Nidderdale for the best place to study the area. However it is the final views over Leighton Reservoir and towards Masham which were my favourite. It really is a delightful walk.


Despite this being Access Land I could see no point whatsoever in leaving the main landrover tracks and taking on the ferocious looking heather.

Navigation Tips on the Moors over Masham

This is a walk when you may walk quicker than you normally do. The tracks are made for gamekeepers and are very good. Whilst working out how long the walk will take you should probably use an extra half mile an hour on the calculation. Therefore if you normally walk at two and a half miles an hour you will probably walk at three on this walk.

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