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Ingleborough Cave

May 22, 2018

The short walk to Ingleborough Cave is best taken through the mixed woodland of Clapdale. The walking is easy. There are plenty of pleasant places to enjoy the view over the lake and information on the trees, shrubbery and bird life.

The Walk

Clapdale is a beautiful place to spend time in. The woodland has been artificially created over many centuries. It is part of a development of the estate from the conservation friendly family of Farrers. The lake was built in the 19th century as were many of the plants which were imported from the far east. There are plaques describing many of the plants. The woodland is quite think but opens out pleasantly over the lake. On emerging from the woods, there is a large and attractive picnic area before reaching Ingleborough Cave.

I have enjoyed the walk to Ingleborough Cave on a cold winter’s day to visit Santa’s Grotto. In addition I have gone pn a wet autumn day with the children and also as part of the climb to Gaping Gill and on to Ingleborough (many times). The caves are particularly good for children. However the stalagmites and stalactites also offer an excellent geography lesson for all. At the entrance to Ingleborough Cave there is a small shop and reception. A list of events and prices can be found here.


This walk is an ideal option for any group who wants a split walk. Everyone can walk to the cave, or even further to view Trollers Gill. However some may retreat to the cave, whilst others can continue up the summit of Ingleborough.

Navigation Tips for Ingleborough Cave

The return path in the open fellside (above the woodland) is found just at the point the woodland path leaves the woods, half a mile short of the cave. It is an excellent bridleway. As a result of the return being in open land the views to the west are very good and offer a good contrast to the woodland.

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