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Moors north of Slaidburn

December 21, 2016

The moors north of Slaidburn offer a wild and lonely walk through grouse hunting countryside. Walkers are a rare sight, it is place though to explore and enjoy the bleakness.

The Walk

There is a large expanse of rarely visited moorland to the north of Slaidburn and Dunsop Bridge. It typifies the emptiness of much of the country, if you search for it. I had not visited the area until I had been asked to plan a route for a 100 km challenge walk. I had visited most of the 100km but not this bit, I thought I better! The weather was misty and cool as I set off to explore this section.

Initially the walking was good along an old coach road (so easy I was tempted by White Hill to the north). However I did not as I knew that the descent in to Whitendale would be more challenging. Actually it was not as bad as I had expected and I soon arrived at the lonely farm buildings of Whitendale Farm. A great spot but surely a perfect setting for a traditional horror story. I half expected a mad man with an axe to appear and chase me down the lane.. Hurrying on there was still much to walk as I was barely half way. My car was still approximately three miles away over some rough, in places trackless moorland. However this was probably my favourite section, the views across to Stocks Reservoir and Gisburn Forest particularly impressive.

It is not a place to get lost but thoroughly enjoyable none the less, just me and the birds. 


Next year I am going to learn more about the birds of our area, after such a time my knowledge is really poor.

Navigation Tips north of Slaidburn

On the moors north of Slaidburn there is one tricky section where a footpath leaves the moors road and heads down Whitendale. Take care here and aim for the farm house.

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  • Matt Jackson says:

    Where did you park for this walk? Did you go through the gate at the end of the lane? Love your walks I’ll have to suggest some of my own.

    Cheers, Matt

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