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Short walk round Pickering

October 22, 2018

Pickering is a regency town worth of closer inspection. The castle dominates all but a short walk round Pickering brings other surprises including some pleasant woodland.

The Walk

Pickering is one of the largest towns in the North York Moors. As a result there is plenty to see and do when you are there. I was keen to see the railway (steam and the location for at least one of the Harry Potter films), the ruined castle (of course)and the woods to the north. In fact the two mile walk out to Newbridge crammed in a lot more with an ever changing landscape, a pretty small woodland area. All set under the Pickering scar and the Beck Isle Museum.

Pickering Castle was originally built in wood during Norman times. The motte and bailey was built to keep the town safe from a northern uprising, the steep west facing slopes proving particularly effective. Later in medieval times it was rebuilt more robustly. However the castle has been able to retain its impressive structure through the years as the locals were not involved in either the War of the Roses or the Civil War. It is now very impressive, one of the best. The town itself retains its class from the Regency period of history with well maintained buildings and fascinating but quirky shopping. All in all good fun for a short day.


Keep an eye out for some of the summer events that take place in the grounds of Pickering Castle.

Navigation Tips on a walk round Pickering

The short walk round Pickering takes you past Beacon Hill which may have been the site of the original castle. It certainly has some views. On meeting the road past the hill turn right for a second rounded lump of land. The path follows this round on the north side. The views here are good.

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