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Walk to Malo Cross

April 30, 2018

The walk to Malo Cross is a not long but full of interest and variety. There are also some excellent views from Whinny Hill towards the sea at Whitby. The terrain is a mix of woodland, fields and moorland.

The Walk

The North York Moors has a long and interesting history. The ancient Britons settled in the deep, valleys that give the area its character It is still possible to find their mark in places. Part of their legacy is a series of pagan crosses, one of the best examples still standing at the foot of Whinny Nab. Therefore I went in search of Malo Cross. 

On approaching the cross it does look slightly incongruous. It appears to be toppling over but the oddity comes from its situation sat between some smooth hillside and thick forestry. However I imagine the landscape was very different when it was originally placed there. The cross provides a striking focus to build the walk around. In particular it will avoid the crowds on a busy Saturday at nearby Hole of Horcum. The views north over RAF Fylingdales are particularly striking. Further afield it is easy to spot the distinctive shape of Roseberry Topping. Sadly I have no idea about the origin of the road ‘the Old Wife’s Way’. However it certainly conjures up some interesting images.


It would be churlish to avoid a peak at the Hole of Horcum itself if you have not visited before. Imagine how popular a visit to Malo Cross would be if it was placed there and you did not have to go hunting for it!

Navigation Tips on the walk to Malo Cross

It is not possible to get to the trig point at Whinny Hill (without climbing walls which you should not do). However the walk along the scar to its north is the best section of the walk. Here the views north and east are more than good enough.

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