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Highlights of Wensleydale walk

August 21, 2017

The walk between Leyburn and Aysgarth covers many of the highlights of Wensleydale In addition there is a long and pleasant section of walking along the River Ure.

The Walk

A long walk that really gets under the skin of Wensleydale. I headed off from Redmire. In my mind I was intending to visit Aysgarth Falls and enjoy the River Ure. However I was a little unsure how far I would get and what route I would take. The route I ended up taking was excellent, if slightly longer than originally intended. So what! In particular I gambled on the stepping stones to the east of Aysgarth Falls being passable. However they were not, the river too high and looking at them I suspect they rarely are. Therefore I continued to the crossing at Bolton Hall increasing the length of the walk but for the better.

The walk combines much which distinguishes Wensleydale from its neighbours. The start of the walk is really one highlight after another. The impressive sites of Castle Bolton, lovely Carperby and Redmire as well as Aysgarth Falls all fell in the first half. However the River Ure is possibly the most attractive of the Dales rivers so the second half was equally enjoyable. In fact it was more of an exploration, the views of Aysgarth Falls unusual. One of my favourite sections of the walk is the lovely bridleway that leads from Castle Bolton offering some great views of the walk to come.


Add the little circuit of the northern bank of Aysgarth Falls and return for a cup of tea at the Visitor Centre…a perfect break for what is a long walk.

Navigation Tips on the Highlights of Wensleydale walk

From Carperby to Aysgarth Falls use the footpath to the west of the road. Along the river there is an intermittent path which sticks close to the river.

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