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Grimwith Reservoir walk

March 13, 2024

The walk round Grimwith Reservoir is one of the simplest walks in the Yorkshire Dales. However it is full of interest, exceptionally peaceful and full of interest for bird lovers, sailing enthusiasts and history buffs.

The Walk

Quite why Grimwith Reservoir has so few visitors is one of the mysteries of the Yorkshire Dales. Nearby Grassington is rammed with people, whilst walk a few miles distance is a ‘well set up for walkers’ ramble and the car park is only ever half full. Amazing! The sailing club near the car park is extremely hospitable as well. Grimwith reservoir was originally built in 1864. However it was expanded dramatically by Yorkshire Water in the 1970s. As a result the reservoir increased 20 fold. As a result two villages, Gate Up and Grimwith, were drowned and there is some interesting information signs explaining where they are and what happened.

We (Where2walk and Access the Dales) also hold our regular Night Skies walk around Grimwith Reservoir. It is extremely well attended and anyone can come. Just look at this blog and photos from the latest walk held in 2024. An earlier visit was more traditional. I took my youngest daughter for a two hour wind surfing lesson which is perfect timing for a pleasant ramble around the reservoir. I have also walked from Hebden, past the lead mines and dropped in to Grimwith on its west shores. A fine walk full of interest.


There appears to be no  restriction on wandering down to the club itself, in fact there was a self service/voluntary contribution cup of coffee and cake when I visited!

Navigation Tips on the Grimwith Reservoir walk

Use our walks calculator on this page to find out how quickly you walk. Start by sliding the scale to 2.5 miles an hour which is a typical speed. Remember though to add in any time you may stop to admire the view.

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