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Yarlside and Randygill Top

March 21, 2024

Yarlside and its neighbour Randygill Top are the ‘Dales 30’ outliers towards the north east of the Howgills. The walk typifies a day on the Howgills. Steep slopes on the approaches culminate in excellent walking along the wide grassy ridges higher up.

The Walk

What a fine mountain duo and a perfect way of spending the day. The approaches are steep and, unless taking the long walk in from the north (Northern Howgills walk), unavoidable. However the compensations are many. The views in particularly are wonderful, starting with the approach climb of Yarlside looking in to Cautley Spout and surrounding cliffs. There is also a wide ranging views on the summit. In particular the summit offers a great perspective looking over Wild Boar Fell and Baugh Fell and their complicated topography.

The Howgills are also laid out perfectly from the splendid summit plateau (Randygill Top is to the north, not marked on the map below) and it is a just reward for the steep climb. The domed summit area is small, grassy and dropping steeply in all directions…my favourite type of summit. The views are complemented by the lovely turf that adorn not just the summit but the surroundings too. It makes the walking so much easier and pleasant. No peat hags here!

Yarlside and Randygill Top are two of the Dales 30 Mountains


Take out the O/S Explorer map and, whilst sat on the summit, begin to understand the topography of the Howgills and which individual summits are where. From there consider how to link them for your greatest pleasure. It focuses the mind, particularly for those of us who simply love planning walks.

Navigation Tips on Yarlside

It is best to walk directly over Kensgriff to Randy Gill Top, returning the same way. If you wish to descend from Randygill Top towards Wandale Hill head just south of east to join the bridleway/lane a few metres up its slopes. Head for the farm at Narthwaite. There is a crossing of the river below Narthwaite but after rain the crossing is difficult. The farmer at Narthwaite is not keen on the obvious short cut to the road over Handley’s Bridge to the north. However it is only a few metres of private land on the farm road that would save a long detour.

Best though to enjoy the superb views on the steep descent from Yarlside.

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